NOSH ChartingSystem

A new open source health charting system for doctors.

Countdown commencing…

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The live demonstration site was down and out intermittently over the past few weeks due to server configuration issues.  However, all kinks have been worked out and it’s running again!  Just a reminder that no patient information should be saved in the demo and periodically, data will be cleared and reset from the database.  Thanks again for your patience as my work is being completed on NOSH.  Sometime this month, NOSH will be ready to go for doctors and clinics to get started.

New information regarding services and consultations to implement and customize your NOSH system will be coming shortly.  Meanwhile, check this out…

Author: shihjay

I am a family physician and previous medical director for a child abuse assessment center. I am now promoting my new electronic health record system (NOSH ChartingSystem) that I have developed and used for myself in my private practice since 2010 and now I want to share it to the rest of the doctoring world.

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