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More problems for primary care

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This news headline confirms the upcoming shortage primary care.  What this article doesn’t really talk about is why the shortage is happening.  I think the only inevitable path now is the path towards total implosion of the health care system before someone seriously addresses the root causes of this.  The horse is already out of the barn, but I can’t help feeling that there really should have been clear insight about fixing the health care system but strengthening primary care either before or alongside increased health coverage for everyone (whether it be the Affordable Care Act or single payer).  But it did not happen, and critics of the ACA or single payer will only point out the disaster of increasing coverage causing continued health care cost increases despite increased coverage.  Too bad…


Author: shihjay

I am a family physician and previous medical director for a child abuse assessment center. I am now promoting my new electronic health record system (NOSH ChartingSystem) that I have developed and used for myself in my private practice since 2010 and now I want to share it to the rest of the doctoring world.

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