NOSH ChartingSystem

A new open source health charting system for doctors.

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NOSH 1.5 Avocado released

NOSH ChartingSystem version 1.5 has been released and is ready for download through the Launchpad PPA.  This is a major milestone release with a multitude of features and updates from 1.4.

Some highlights include the ability to make full featured addendum to signed encounters with the ability to view previous versions, increased Mirth integration, new Updox integration scripts, and a cleaned up interface thanks to the updated jQuery and jQuery UI libraries.  Of course there are the usual small bug fixes and code optimizations.

One exciting byproduct of this recent milestone development is that NOSH is easily used on a tablet thanks to its 980 minimum width pixel programming so nothing gets lost when using a tablet-sized screen and resolution.  In fact, try using the demo with your Android tablet or IPad and see for yourself.  By the way, NOSH looks gorgeous with the Google Nexus 10, which was my tablet test bed for development.

After this release, I’ll be dedicating more of my time with my Kickstarter campaign, which I’ll discuss more in future posts.

In case you’re wondering why this version is called an avocado, I’ve decided that all milestone releases (which are multiples of 0.5) will be named alphabetically after a healthy snack (as opposed to some unhealthy varieties, ahem, from a specific smartphone OS ), specifically fruit.  Enjoy noshing!