NOSH ChartingSystem

A new open source health charting system for doctors.

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NOSH In The Cloud

If you are a medical provider looking for a turnkey solution that won’t break the bank and think that installing NOSH on your own is too daunting of a task, I have great news!

There is now a new option to be able to use NOSH ChartingSystem.  I call in NOSH In The Cloud and it is NOSH ChartingSystem fully implemented in a HIPAA-compliant cloud server (Amazon EC2, for all the techie folks).  This version of NOSH is every bit identical to the one that you can download yourself and install, only that you don’t need to buy any computer hardware or worry if you need to fix it should anything fails (like hard drives, motherboard, memory, and an IT person, etc.).  You also get the benefit of automatic updates and an unlimited number of support users (like assistants, billing specialists, and most importantly, patients).  The cost is a simple $50 per medical provider per month.  Furthermore, being a NOSH In The Cloud user, you automatically belong to a community of medical providers who aim to create a better world-class EHR together without being encumbered by Meaningful Use attestations and the cost of buying an expensive, difficult-to-use, EHR.

Click here to get to the NOSH In The Cloud site!