NOSH ChartingSystem

A new open source health charting system for doctors.


Before proceeding with your download, please fill out this form.

First Stage

NOSH ChartingSystem is now launched and is available for download in the following ways:

If you have Ubuntu (recommended version is 14.04 LTS) installed (Ubuntu Desktop, not Ubuntu Server, is recommended for novice users), add this PPA to your repository in the following manner.

If you’re using the most recent version of Ubuntu (or any version from Ubuntu 9.10 onwards), you can add a PPA to your system with a single line in your terminal.

Step 1: Open a terminal and enter:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:shihjay2/nosh-chartingsystem

Your system will now fetch the PPA’s key. This enables your Ubuntu system to verify that the packages in the PPA have not been interfered with since they were built.

Step 2: Make sure you have Main, Universe, Restricted, and Multiverse repositories enabled under Software & Updates when you click on the Ubuntu logo (upper left hand corner).

Step 3: Now, as a one-off, you should tell your system to pull down the latest list of software from each archive it knows about, including the PPA you just added:

sudo apt-get update

Step 4: Now you’re ready to start installing software from the PPA!

sudo apt-get install nosh-cs

Read more about Personal Package Archives in the Launchpad help wiki.

If you have another Linux distribution, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Download the latest file in this folder from GitHub to your system.

Step 2: Unzip the file to a directory of your choice.  Read the README.linux file to determine if you meet all the prerequisites prior to installation.

Step 3: Go to the “nosh-cs” directory that was just created and type,


What if I want to use Windows as my server?

Sorry, I’m working on some installation scripts for an Apache/MySQL server/PHP system for Windows since it is not standard on Windows operating systems.  At this time, Windows installation is not recommended.

If you really need to keep your Windows machine as a server, one workaround is to download and install Virtualbox (file download here).  You are creating a “virtual machine” within your Windows “host” that can run any type of operating system, including Ubuntu.  I won’t go over instructions on how to create a virtual machine, but the website gives very good instructions of how to start.  Just get the Ubuntu image file (.iso) from their website here and install Ubuntu, then follow the above instructions to get NOSH ChartingSystem from the PPA.

Second Stage

After these previous steps, go to your web browser and type: http://localhost/nosh

This will begin the second stage of installation where the NOSH database will be created, default entries will be created based on your answers on the first installation screen..

Third Stage

Log in as “admin” and the password you entered on the first installation screen.  This is what you get:

1. Click “Setup”.  This is where you set up your clinic location and information.  Make sure these are filled out as much as you are able to. Of note, you can tell NOSH ChartingSystem what type of internet fax program that your practice uses.  Right now, there are settings for MetroFaxeFAxNextiva Fax, Phaxio and RingCentral.

2. Click “Users”.  This is where you set up your users.  There are 4 user privilege categories (in order of decreasing privileges): provider, assistant, billing, and patient.

3. Click “Schedule”.  This is where you set up your opening and closing times for your practice and the type of visits (and duration of your visits) your practice offers.

Once these are set up and you are a provider with a login, you can begin using NOSH ChartingSystem right away!

Bon appetit!


20 thoughts on “Download

  1. Not quantal ready, unfortuntely! 😦 I assume you’ll update your repository soon? I guess I shouldn’t have gone to 12.10 yesterday.

    [I’m an EHR vendor who welcomes the competition; we might also be the only other vendor with an Ubuntu package…]

  2. Launchpad PPA has the NOSH ChartingSystem for Quantal available for download now!

  3. Thanks for the update this works beautifully. ~ fndtn357

  4. Hey Michael,
    I am not fan of windows but can use xampp to run nosh on windows?

    • It is possible, but I have yet to try it to work out any configuration bugs which are likely to happen. Furthermore, there are some dependencies that are in Linux but do not have a 1:1 equivalent (like creating or combining PDF documents). I’ve spent the majority of my efforts at making the install under Ubuntu as seamless and trouble free as possible for stability and reliability, both of which I found unsatisfactory in Windows. If someone were willing to take a crack at it, I would not mind the help. Thanks!

    • xampp is not for production use, so use at your own risk. It is chiefly designed to run a local AMP development stack on windows. You may even run into legal issues storing patient data on a xampp-running machine if the machine is exposed to the internet because of the low security settings that come by default with xampp. Here’s a thread talking more about this:

  5. hello, is it posible to modify de source code, for example add a new field

    • Yes, register on Github, fork my project, make your changes and submit a pull request to me. If you prefer, you can also request a feature on my blog and I can incorporate the changes in a future release.

  6. Hello! I am trying to get NOSH installed, but when I go to http://localhost/nosh, a blank page appears. The URL it shows in the browser is https://localhost/nosh/index.php/install. I am not sure how to resolve this problem. I am installing on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I appreciate any help. Thanks!

    • If it is the very first time that you tried to use NOSH after installing it, the ../install.php URL is correct. NOSH automatically detects if it needs to create the database tables and if you are using it for the first time, no database tables have been created yet. Fill out the form and press the install button at the bottom of the page and once it is complete, you’ll be automatically directed to the admin setup page. The https://localhost/nosh address subsequently will direct you to the correct URLs depending on whether you are not logged in out not and what part of the chart you’re in if you are logged in.

    • I did note a small bug with the install script. Please reinstall from the PPA which has the updated version.

  7. nice. billing was slick until print, when the gates of hell opened up. I’m guessing on the demo it has to do with local configurations with web browser? Is there plans for an electronic claims dump to clearinghouse?

    • On the demo site, printing documents on NOSH is nonfunctional since it is not a secure site (it is HTTP only). If the server that NOSH is installed is configured with HTTPS (which is the default with all installs), printing will work as expected. I’ll make sure to note that on the Live Demo page to warn users of this. Thanks!

      For submission of claims to a clearinghouse; NOSH has a generic Print Image format (it is a text file) that can be generated, tracked, and submitted manually to the clearinghouse. Office Ally is one free claims clearinghouse that works will with this; other clearinghouses may work as well.

  8. Thanks, I think you sould add the git dependency for the ppa.


    • Actually, the error is related to an outdated download link for one of the Laravel plugin dependencies…it is causing by default to download the plugin by github source which requires git. An update is coming soon that has the correct download link in the install script. Git is not needed in the PPA.

    • This is a known error. Try running https:/localhost/nosh in a couple of hours from the installation and it should work fine. I fix for this is on the way in a few days. It is related to an erroneous github link in the dependencies during install.


  9. Hi Michael,
    I’m getting the following – any ideas?

    root@box:~/noshemr/nosh-cs-master# sh 43: [[: not found 75: read: Illegal option -e

    Thanks in advance

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