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Many Thanks on this First Day of Spring

The blooming cherry trees along the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon’s (my hometown) Tom McCall Waterfront Park announce the arrival of spring.
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Today, on the day of the Spring Equinox, I am reminded of the support that I have (large and small) regarding the NOSH ChartingSystem project.  As with all projects, especially open-source, it is always a challenge to overcome the inherent pressures of maintaining the status quo.  Certainly, this project is anything but the status quo and I intend to soldier on in the mission.

First thing, I am so happy to announce the availability of version 1.6.4.  Since my last posting (regarding Avocado), several important developments have been incorporated.  Electronic prescribing is in its final testing phase  and will coincide with my long-awaited Kickstarter campaign.  Unfortunately, due to my other profession as being a family physician, I have to postpone the campaign due to me taking my board exams in April to remain board-certified in my specialty.  Gotta study these next few weeks and learn how to take standardized tests again!

I have also added a new extension, based on the Medicare Medication Therapy Management program.  With this, NOSH ChartingSystem can be used as a collaboration tool between physicians and pharmacists to assist in improving medication compliance and health education for patients.

Also in this release, preparation for the awesome template engine is now fully incorporated in all the old code.  Soon, practitioners and users of the system can create their own templates in an intuitive manner using a Template Builder (similar to they way WordPress builds its forms for their blog pages).  This cannot be achieved without using json and incorporating the jQuery plugin, dForm, which I own a debt of gratitude in making NOSH even better.

Speaking of gratitude, and back to the topic of this blog, I first like to give thanks to viewers of this blog and those that have looked at my project.  Although I don’t have hard numbers in regards to new viewers and those that are truly using NOSH ChartingSystem in their own practices, this is just a snapshot of my current stats:

Since the start of this project (approximately 1 year ago today), I’ve had 2059 visitors, 868 individuals have checked out my full-featured demo, and 405 individuals have downloaded my project!!

Thank you to all for making NOSH Charting System a world-wide project!  I’ve had interested coming not just from the United States and Canada, but England, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Russia, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, Ecuador  Venezuela, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Ethiopia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and many more!!  I’ve had some who wanted to translate this project to other countries as well.

Thank you to for posting my updates!  NOSH ChartingSystem is the 4th top viewed project (with up to 30,671 views!) on alone.  All I can say, is “WOW!”

Thank you to EMR and HIPAA for interviewing me about my project, its origins and its aspirations.

Thanks to KevinMD for posting my essay regarding my work as a family physician in the United States and the struggles we face (and the dark days, are unfortunately not over).

Based on my unexpected positive reception of my project, I believe I have struck a chord with health providers, health information technology followers, and even patients and patient advocates about the need for something different to change the landscape of our health delivery system, not just in the United States, but worldwide.  NOSH ChartingSystem is a tool meant to reach the masses, irregardless of a health provider’s ability to afford an electronic health record system.  And they all deserve to have a system that is easy to use and understand, irregardless of their ability to use a computer.  And through this tool to build an interconnected community of users, we can unite to make change to ensure healthcare for all and to support those in primary care who need all the help they can get while they advocate for their patients.  And even if you can’t use NOSH ChartingSystem directly, you can help be a part of this community and to ensure its future by simple words of thanks or donating to the project.

May the rest of the year bring good tidings to all and enjoy NOSHing!